CSSCAR In Alibaba Super March Expo

In the annual "The Super March EXPO" organized by Alibaba International, an event renowned for its global reach and the opportunities it provides for small and medium-sized businesses, CSSCAR has emerged as a standout participant.


Enthusiasm permeated throughout CSSCAR as the entire team unified in their efforts to optimize the opportunity presented by this grand event. The feverish energy of the CSSCAR team was not unfounded as they managed to achieve a remarkable performance record, earning an astonishing 3.2 million Yuan within just one month of the festival.

The festival, which kicks off on the first Monday of March each year, is an international showcase for companies across the globe to display their distinctive strengths, breakthrough products, and compelling services. True to the spirit of this event, CSSCAR took the stage with its specialized, designer-grade automotive modification parts.


The company, which expertly integrates design, customization, production, and sale of various mid to high-end automotive customization parts, stayed faithful to its business philosophy that cherishes high-quality products, firm credibility, comprehensive after-sales service, and reasonable pricing. Its products, specifically, the custom design external aerodynamic kits (large enclosures), enjoyed a significant client interest during the festival.


However, the credit of this extraordinary achievement doesn't belong to their lineup of innovative products alone. The months of diligent preparation, the excitement of the entire CSSCAR team, and their absolute commitment to customer satisfaction played an integral role in hitting the exceptional 3.2 million Yuan milestone in such a short period.


With its successful participation in Alibaba's "The Super March EXPO" CSSCAR has not only boosted the company's brand recognition within the international market but also set a commendable precedent for what SMBs can accomplish at global trade gatherings.


Overall, the "The Super March EXPO" has served as a perfect platform for CSSCAR,  helping them effectively garner visibility, strengthen customer relations and augment their performance. The company looks forward to continued and even more heightened successes in the future, buoyed by its triumphant performance at this year's The Super March EXPO.